"Gie noo a thought to what we hae, in this land o the leal; the heilan glen, the doric stream, the fertile lowland feild... "

Scotland Yet: A film about independence

This summer, join us for the definitive Scottish film of 2014.


Scotland Yet is a feature length documentary that takes a radically different approach to the debate on Scottish independence.

Blissfully free of sound bites, politicians and statistics, Scotland Yet examines the sum of several personal stories from across the nation to explore the many reasons why we find ourselves at such an historic impasse.

Filled with remarkable characters and sparkling with collective imagination, vision and humour, this is the story of a society that’s beginning to see itself in a whole new light. From the old to the young, from veteran activists to bold artists, Scotland Yet delves into the past, documents the present and asks poignant questions about Scotland’s future .

This films focuses on the real referendum debate, the one taking place in the streets, homes and communities across Scotland. It documents the most important discussion we have ever had, as democracy, place, what we have here and what we lack, come to the fore.

A coming of age story about a whole society: Scotland Yet is a unique and radical cinematic journey about a country that will never be the same again.

It also takes a look at whether online sportsbook sites will ever be legalized.

‘Scotland Yet’ refers to a song written by the late singer from Prestonpans, Davy Steele (the Battlefield Band, Ceolbeg, Clan Alba) at the time of the devolution referendum in 1997. It was released on his 1997 album Chasing Shadows (FMS/Temple Records). He took the title from a 19th C poem by Henry Scott Riddell. Several performances of the song feature in the film..

DVDs of the film can be ordered from Word Power Books Edinburgh, here.

Christopher Silver


Christopher Silver began working as a journalist at the age of 17. One way or another he has never stopped. In recent years he has developed a reputation for high quality commentary on Scotland’s politics and culture. He writes for National Collective, Bella Caledonia and several other platforms.

Jack Foster


A writer, film maker and self styled 'guerrilla media campaigner', Jack Foster's political film-making has risen to prominence alongside the release of a number of online documentaries looking at Scottish and left wing politics, namely 'Precious Few Heroes' and 'The Fear Factor'.

Rona Wilkie & Marit Fält

Musical Directors

Scotland Yet will feature a specially commissioned soundtrack which promises to reflect the diverse and abundant traditional music of Scotland; featuring the combined talents of some of Scotland's finest musicians, brought together by this award winning, up-coming duo.

"They seem tae offer different views, when looked at from within; can strangers be the only eyes, to see us all as yin? "




"In truth we've fought each other mair, we'll learn this from our past; then together we can choose, for ourselves at last... "

"The choice will be upon us soon, to set our destiny; I'll drink a toast to Scotland yet, whatever yet may be. "

Scotland Yet will be touring the country over the coming months and promoting free community events in association with local groups.


7 August (7.30pm) – Links Hotel, Edinburgh

8 August (7.30pm) – The Priory, Aberdeen Reserve Tickets Here

9 August (2.00pm) – Village Hall, Pennan

9 August (7.00pm) – Village Hall, New Pitsligo

12 August (7.00pm) – Craigend Visitors Centre, Milngavie

13 August (7.00pm) – The Hippodrome, Eyemouth

14 August (7.30pm) – The Glad Cafe, Glasgow SOLD OUT

15 August (7.00pm) – Jubilee Tavern, Burntisland

15 August (7.00pn) – Eskdale Hotel, Langholm

21 August (7.00pm) – The Cabin, Monifieth

21 August (7.00pm) – AK Bell Library (Soutar Theatre) Perth Reserve Tickets Here

22 August (7.00pm) – Village Hall, Carlops

23 August (3.30pm) – Calton Centre, Edinburgh

24 August (7.30pm) – Robert Burns Centre, Dumfries

25 August (7.00pm) – WRI Hall, Comrie

26 August (7.30pm) – Shetland Museum and Archives, Lerwick

29 August (7.00pm) – Arran High School Theatre, Lamlash

2 September (7.30pm) Dunvegan Community Hall, Isle of Skye

6th September (7.00pm) – Bonar Bridge Community Hall

7th September (6.00pm) – Velocity Cafe, Inverness

12th September (7.30pm) – Newlands Centre, Romanno Bridge

12th September (7.00pm) – Links Hotel, Montrose

14th September (7.30pm) – Weigh Inn Hotel, Thurso

14th September (7.30pm) – Forest Cafe, Edinburgh

17th September (7.00pm) – Union Club, Innerleithen

All screenings are free and un-ticketed unless otherwise stated. To book a screening contact events@scotlandyet.com